Zante Thematic Routes and Activities

On this page you will find many thematic routes to visit the island, zante activities, have fun, fall in love and enjoy the best of life in Zakynthos.


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Make your choice, discover your passions among over 50 categories of activities that you can do in Zakynthos

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Coupon Discounts to be used on the island of Zante


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What to do in zakynthos if you only have x days

What to do in Zakynthos if you only have x days

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The way of love: magical places for lovers

Here are the most romantic places on the island:

Entertainment for children

The funniest places for children in zakynthos :



For young people who love nightlife and fun



zante for diving lovers

Diving lovers






Enchanting routes

Enchanting routes in zakynthos :




Refined palates for tasty dishes




For Vegetarians




For Yoga Lovers




For lovers of free tastings




For lovers of ventilated and cool places



For warm sea lovers



For water sports lovers




for lover of sporting events in zante

For lovers of sporting events to watch on big screen TV – Sports Bar




For Jeep Safari lovers



Zante Archery Lovers



Visit the caves on the mainland in Zakynthos





For lovers of Sailing boats



Shooting Club ASOZ

SHOOTING RANGE for gun lovers







For lovers of the thrill of speed on 4 wheels



For lovers of nature walks




For mini golf lovers




For play pool lovers




For horse lovers



Snorkeling lovers zante


For Snorkeling lovers the most beautiful beaches




For lovers of Exclusive Activities and Events




For lover of nude beaches

  • The last part of Gerakas beach – Going down to the beach with the sea in front of you, walk left to the end
  • The last part of Kalamaki beach – Going down to the beach with the sea in front of you, walk left to the end
  • Kremidi beach – wonderful beach to find few people and enjoy nature




For lovers of jumping into the sea from a diving board

  • Porto Roxa it has an excellent trampoline for diving into the sea from 4/5 meters




For lovers of water games



For those with animals

For lovers of animals




For lovers of holistic treatments – seminars




For Bike Lovers




For Hiking lovers


zante turtle lovers

For Turtle lovers

When do turtles hatch in Zakynthos?
The mating season for turtles runs from April to June, when the turtles swim ashore, and usually do so at night, to dig holes in the soft sand and lay their eggs. The eggs hatch after about 60 days, thus coinciding with the high holiday season, most of them in August. To see the hatching you have to be very lucky and go every day, for a couple of hours, to one of the beaches of the Marine Park that we recommend below in the order of the most probable: gerakas, dafni, kalamaki and laganas



For lovers of deep sea fishing




For Lovers of history and churches




zante museum

Zante Small Museum

  • Botega Café Museum in Orthonies [ here ]  Nice place. Serves coffee, tea, fresh orange juice with some homemade cake. Small museum that gives a nice picture of the tools that people used in the past, to work the land. The freshly made cake is a must, a real sense of Greek life. Absolute place to see to break out of the box and relive the atmosphere of the past




Religious Icons Lovers




For Shopping Lovers




For lover of Private Cruises with luxury yachts




Path for creatives and artists




For Lovers of Greek Cusine


Organic Food to Buy



For street food lovers




For lovers of visits to local and handicraft products




Tours and Excursions Activities




For Tennis Lovers




For lovers of body care and massage




MUD BATH : to enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath



For wine lovers




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