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Zante 2024 : the Best Season Ever

A fantastic summer awaits you on the beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece. 2024 will be the best season ever in Zante – Zakynthos, the Greek pearl of the Ionian Sea! Find out everything, absolutely everything that will happen from June to October on the island that gave birth to the poet Ugo Foscolo. Do you know a place where a green meadow laps against the sea, a beach of fine white sand caresses your feet, the geometric lines of the rocks draw perfect harmonies with nature, the hot and cold sulphurous water takes care of your body, the sea mud regenerates your skin and the caresses of the wind open your breath and you can finally feel free?

This dream place really exists and it’s called ZANTE, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, which is maybe the island with the most unique landscapes you will ever see. A popular tourist destination, which is fortunately still not completely explored. We will take you to discover enchanted beaches that are not often visited, where the sea has a such intense turquoise colour that it will open your heart. We will show streets where you can still see a flock of goats grazing, holiday resorts that are perfect for families, couples in love and young people looking for fun. A land where seaside restaurants with delicious, local food will delight your palate and give joie de vivre to all your cells.

Zakynthos is the most multifaceted island you can visit: if you are hot you can move to the north and find relief, if on the contrary you love the heat you can go to the south and bathe together with turtles. You can find peace and silence as well as the swirling energy of the night clubs, one day you can walk on a sandy beach, or on a stony beach on the other day. You can stay in meditation in your accommodation as well as you can participate in one of its famous THEMATIC ROUTES, which offer more than 50 activities, excursions, historical places to visit and new passions to discover. Legends are also awaiting you, such as the Legend of the Bridge of Lost and Found love … continue reading … [click here] to discover all the secrets of Zakynthos!

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