Coupon Discounts to be used on the island of Zakynthos

On this page our surfers can take advantage of a discount code for the services offered by the site’s advertisers.  These are the steps to follow to get your discounts :

1) Find the category of your interest
2) Read the type of discount
3) Open the service card to read a presentation, see the place and know how to reach it
4) Go to the place of the discount and show our coupon to get the discount

To be able to offer a discount and be present in this list, simply enter your card on the site [register]

Category of Discount Coupons :


Restaurants where you can eat very well


Windmill Restaurant [ KERI ] [ card presentation here ]




Tours Excursions Activities


Swimming with horses [ card presentation here ]






Serenity SPA zante [ card presentation here ]


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