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Complete list of all activities and entertainment available in Zakynthos

Few Greek islands can offer so many activities and entertainment. In Zakynthos, the Greek island of the Ionian Sea, you can find over 50 categories of activities of all kinds, so do not worry, there are opportunities to choose truly for all tastes. We have listed them all, from the first to the last.

complete list of all zante activities

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[ANIMAL-LOVERS] For lovers of animals
Let’s start with animal lovers. If you love animals then don’t miss to visit to “The Little Farm – educational farm Zante”. This small educational farm in Zakynthos offers a fantastic opportunity for children to get to know the animals and feed them with the specific food made available for visitors. The little farm therefore offers a unique experience for the little ones who will be able to caress, feed and pamper many animals while enjoying the best view of the hills in Lagana.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#lovers-of-animals

[ARCHERY] Archery lovers
Have you always dreamed of shooting an arrow and feeling like Robin Hood? Great! Enjoy your time in Zakynthos practicing this fantastic sport at the “Apollon Archery Club“. Have fun as you test your archery skills on the field, set in a friendly environment. No previous skills are required, as archery is a sport for the whole family aged 8 to 88.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#archery

[ARTISTS] Path for creatives and artists
Are you a creative person, or have you always dreamed of being one? Then you cannot miss your visit to the “Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio” which offers the opportunity to create authentic functional and decorative ceramics and ceramic sculptures inspired by nature, colors and life on the island of Zakynthos, with your own hands. Lessons for adults and children are open every day by reservation. Learn basic hand-building skills from an expert potter, then sculpt and glaze your very own clay creation in an island studio surrounded by ancient olive trees and vineyards.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#creatives-artists

[BIKE] For bike lovers
Are you a bike fanatic or just want to experience the freedom of unhurried travel with the wind in your hair? In Zakynthos the number one for fun on two wheels are those of the “Cycling Tour – Family Country Villages of Zakynthos” which organize the best events for bicycle lovers: meetings, rallies and tours for all ages and levels.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#bike

Have you spent the winter playing bowling and want to continue having fun with friends, perhaps showing them when you are good, or do you love challenges and just want to have a fun evening? Well then your seat is the “Bowling & Entertainment Center Bowl ‘m Over”. Bowl ‘m Over is a state of the art bowling center in Tsilivi offering 4 lane bowling, pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, amusements, a children’s play area, a snack bar, an indoor bar with balcony and a downstairs bar with a veranda to enjoy the sun. The whole family can spend hours of fun here as there is something for everyone!
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#bowling-and-entertainment-centre

[CAVE HUNTERS] Visit the caves on the mainland in Zakynthos
Do you have the spirit of Indiana Jones and do not fear nature? In Zakynthos you will find three caves (Damianos Cave, Black Cave, Hidden Cave) to visit with legendary stories to be discovered.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#cave-hunters

[CHILDREN] Entertainment for children
If you want to entertain children in Zakynthos the list of things to do is truly endless … 16 opportunities: Zante Water Village: the biggest Water Parks in Greece, Children’s playground in the city, Therianos Family Farm with some animals and many products to buy , The Little Farm – educational farm Zante, Zante Askos Park: children will be delighted to have this experience, Zante Turtle nests at Gerakas, Zante Turtle Center, Damianos Cave: looking for the Dragon, Discover the wreck of a ship: Navagio Beach, At lunch with games for children at Nireas tavern with playground for kids, Caretta Game place in the city, See a herd of bulls in Spiliotissa, Eleas Gi – Piscina Pool Bar and Mini Golf, Varres Tennis Club with summer tennis camp for children, World Tour Mini Golf with Children Playground (argassi), Caretta Beach Holiday Village (at Kalamaki) with the BIGGER Children’s playground of the island
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#children

[CRUISES] For lover of Private cruises with luxury yachts
Do you love the best services and want to experience the thrill of a private luxury cruise? The yachts offered by “ionianview” are characterized by an avant-garde luxurious design combined with comfort.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#cruises

[DIVING CENTER] For Diving lovers
The best diving center on the island is located in Keri and is called “Diving Center Turtle Beach Limni Keri”. Everything has been purchased new, from compressors to goggles, so that divers can only use first-class material.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#diving

[JUMP FROM THE TRAMPOLINE] For lovers of jumping into the sea from a diving board
If you love to jump from the diving board directly into the crystal clear sea, then you have to go to “Porto Roxa”
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#jumping-into-water

[FOOD] Refined palates for tasty dishes
Are you a person with a refined palate? Then we advise you to go to the restaurant “The Old Windmill“. Take a little longer time than usual because good things require a longer wait, but it’s worth it!
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#refined-palates

[FOOD] Organic Food to Buy
If you love to do a healthy and organic shopping it will be a pleasure to shop at the “Deli House – Alikanas Supermarket with organic and local products” the best organic supermarket, with local products. The food is of high quality, the products are all chosen, the cleanliness is excellent and it is pleasant to be treated more like friends than customers.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#organic-food-to-buy

[FISHING] For lovers of deep sea fishing
Are you a lover of fishing? Have you ever tried to fish in the sea? The fishing professionals in Zakynthos are “DALI PRIVATE TOUR LET’S GO FISHING“. Great emotions await you
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#sea-fishing

[FREE-TASTINGS] For lovers of free tastings
Wine, cheese, beer and oil: all free to taste. If you are a taste lover you cannot miss these appointments at: “Therianos family”, “Goumas Winery”, “Grampas winery”, “Oenolpi winery”, “Levante beer” and “Aristeon Oil mill”.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#free-tastings

[GREEK CUISINE] For lovers of Greek cuisine
If you are a lover of Greek cuisine and want to learn how to prepare typical Greek foods, there is a cooking class organized by the “Green Frog Restaurant” that’s right for you.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#lovers-greek-cusine

[HORSE] For horse lovers
An experience that you may never have done is to ride a horse in the sea. The best horse riding center in Zakynthos is “Laganas Horse Riding Center”. You will swim with horses in the sea, cross small forests and sand dunes with beautiful specimens also suitable for children.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#horse

[HISTORY] For Lovers of history and churches
The Orthodox Churches are truly sumptuous and magnificent and it is nice to visit them all. In Zakynthos the most important church is dedicated to San Dionisio, the patron saint of the island. The Cathedral of San Dionisio (in Greek: Μητροπολιτικός Ναός του Αγίου Διονυσίου) is the seat of the metropolis dedicated to the patron saint of Zakynthos (Zante), place of worship of his relic kept in a silver case. Founded in 1708, it was renovated twice, fifty years after its construction and in 2000. Its style has the characteristics of Venetian architecture and the bell tower is a replica of that of San Marco in Venice. The Church characterizes the entire waterfront of the city and is one of the first buildings to be distinguished as soon as you enter the port. Among the artists who contributed to the beauty of this church are the painter Doxaras and the engraver Bafas who carved the silver reliquary in which the remains of the saint are kept.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#history

[HIKING] For hiking lovers
Zante Island is ideal for hiking. The variety of the landscape, mountains, valleys, and sea offers beautiful routes, while the low altitude makes hiking an ideal mild activity. Explore the magnificent scenery of Zakynthos ’nature by taking part in hiking activities.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#hiking-lovers

[ICONS] Religious Icons lovers
Each saint has his own colors, names, grace. For icon lovers, Zakynthos can offer surprises that fill the heart with gratitude
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#icons

[YOGA] For yoga lovers
Discover a better life. Want to build strength, flexibility, boost the immune system, flush toxins and be cleaned from the inside out? Look no further for your next workout and step into a “Bikram Hot Yoga class”. For beginners private instruction is optimal as it gives you the opportunity to learn and improve your technique in a more convenient and easy-going environment. Each session is based on your personal needs, taking any injuries or limitations into account while moving through the sequence.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#yoga-lovers

[JEEP] For Jeep Safari lovers and Off Road Lovers
The only “fun” way to see the island is the Open Top Safari Style Tour that takes you to places no other tour goes. The only 100% legal licensed Safari on the island is offered by “Cavo Grosso” and buggytourszante.

Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#jeep

[LOVE] The way of love: magical places for lovers
Have you arrived in Zakynthos in sweet company? We present you the most romantic places on the island : Kambi village famous for its breathtaking sunset views, Argassi Village and the legend of the Argassi bridge, Sunset of meditation and love at the Navagio, Dance evening at Panigiria (local festivals), The blessing to the couple of Santa Mavra and San Timoteo at macherado, Light lunch for sparks of love at the Lighthouse, A suggestive cocktail overlooking the city of Zakynthos at Bochali, Sunset champagne – zakynthos evening cruise, Romantic restaurant and bar for a pleasant evening, Private dinner / lunch at the farm
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#lovers

[MINI-GOLF] For mini golf lovers
There is nothing more fun to spend a cheerful evening than participating in a game of minigolf. Ideal for adults and children and in Zakynthos there are minigolf courses in Tsilivi, Argassi, Kalamaki and Alykes
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#mini-golf

[MUD BATH] to enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath
Have you always dreamed of being young again? Well, then the Famous muds for the skin of “Porto Azzurro” and “Porto Zorro” are waiting for you!
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#mud-bath

[MUSEUM] zante museum
Nice place. Serves coffee, tea, fresh orange juice with some homemade cake. Small museum that gives a nice picture of the tools that people used in the past, to work the land. The freshly made cake is a must, a real sense of Greek life. Absolute place to see to break out of the box and relive the atmosphere of the past
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#zante-museum

[NATURISTS BEACHES] For lover of nude beaches
Savor the sense of freedom in places dedicated to naturism
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#nude-beaches

[NIGHTLIFE] For young people who love nightlife and fun
All the events on the island of Zakynthos dedicated to the youngest
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#nightlife

[NAVIGATION] lovers of navigation
Would you like to rent a boat to move independently and visit the most enchanting places on the island of Zakynthos? “Zante Boat Rentals” offers you the best rental for many destinations: TURTLE SPOTTING, DAILY EXCURSIONS TO THE SHIPWRECK, MARATHONISI ISLAND, MARATHIAS, KERI CAVES, MIZITHRES…
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#navigation

[POOL] For play pool lovers
A game of billiards is always a must! What’s more beautiful than drinking a beer with a friend while playing a relaxing game of billiards!
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#pool

[ROUTES] Enchanting routes
We will take you to discover the most characteristic and least known routes of the island of Zakynthos
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#routes

[SHOPPING] For Shopping Lovers
What are the best shops for shopping on the island of Zakynthos? Find out now
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#shopping

[SNORKELING] For Snorkeling lovers
Are you a Snorkeling enthusiast? We reveal the best beaches on the island for snorkeling
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#snorkeling

[SPA-BODY CARE] For lovers of body care and massage
You may have already experienced the messages of other beauty salons, but the massages you will receive at “Serenity SPA” will remain in your heart. Give your body a moment of health and beauty. The owners are nice and kind and the staff is very qualified. A good holiday is not only recovering strength and health but also joy and sweetness and at Serenity Spa they are guaranteed.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#body-care

[SPEED] For lovers of the thrill of speed on 4 wheels
With first class equipment, some of the fastest purpose built racing karts, a challenging track for all and professional hospitality, at “FORMULA ZANTE GO KART” you will find the best motorsport action for family outings, group bookings, karting for children and more.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#speed-4-wheels

[SPORTS] For water sports lovers
Are you a lover of water sports? Zakynthos is your paradise, with many super-equipped locations for your enjoyment (“Paddle Surf Zante“, “Banana Watersports“, “St. Nicholas Beach Watersports Vasilikos“, “Valais Water Sports Alykanas“)
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#sports

[SPORTS BAR] For lovers of sporting events to watch on big screen TV
For lovers of sporting events to watch on big screen TV – Sports Bar
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#sports-events

[SAILING] For lovers of sailing boats
Sailing is the art to sail in the water and using the wind as a sole, or main source of energy. A special and unique way to experience the beauty of the island, its lonely beaches and unexplored caves feeling the sense of the freedom of the deep blue sea!
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#sailing

[SHOOTING RANGE] For gun lovers
If your passion is shooting “Zante Athletic Shooting Club ASOZ” is waiting for you, for beginners and not.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#shooting

[STREET-FOOD] For street food lovers
The best street food you can find in Zakynthos is from “Pita bread
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#street-food

[TURTLE] For Turtle loversWhen do turtles hatch in Zakynthos?
The mating season for turtles runs from April to June, when the turtles swim ashore, and usually do so at night, to dig holes in the soft sand and lay their eggs. The eggs hatch after about 60 days, thus coinciding with the high holiday season, most of them in August. To see the hatching you have to be very lucky and go every day, for a couple of hours, to one of the beaches of the Marine Park that we recommend below in the order of the most probable: gerakas, dafni, kalamaki and laganas. Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#turtle

[TENNIS] For Tennis Lovers
Is your passion tennis? The “Varres Tennis Club” awaits you
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#tennis

[TOURS] Tours and Excursions Activities
All ZANTE Tours and Excursions Activities
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#tours

[VEGETARIANS] For vegetarians
Vegetarian restaurants in zakynthos
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#vegetarians

[VISITS] For lovers of visits to local and handicraft product
For lovers of visits to local and handicraft products
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#local-and-handicraft-product

[WALKS] For lovers of nature walks
All the zante routes for lovers of nature walks
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#walks

[WATERPARK] For lover of water games
Fun is guaranteed in the water parks of the island of Zakynthos
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#waterpark

[WINERY] For wine lovers
For wine lovers in zakynthos. There are some heavenly wines in zakynthos that we are sure you didn’t even think existed. Like the sweet red wine from the Therianos Family Farm.
Learn more: https://www.zante.info/zante-thematic-routes/#winery

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