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Marketing and Brochures

On this page we offer the presentation material of the site :




This is not the usual website that we all know. Tourism is not the main goal, but living in Zakynthos at every aspect. LIVING TO ZANTE is our motto. It is a site, in fact, designed not only for tourists but also for the inhabitants of the island. That’s why we ask for your cooperation. If there are any changes to be made on the categories presented, on the services or the issues that we face, we will be very happy to hear your opinion (reply to this email with your proposals).


The site is in 14 LANGUAGES with automatic but professional translation (we use a new technologically advanced system) offers a MULTITHEMATIC CATALOG with advanced search systems for:

-Present all the major POINTS OF INTEREST on the island. We want to offer a space to all those who offer a service or have a business. There are now about 60 categories and 400 activity cards already entered (check and you may already find yours). If you have any suggestions on new categories please write to us.

-Selling LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTS such as oil, olives and wine which can be purchased by travelers and tourists from all over the world

-Presentation of TOURS AND EXCURSIONS on the island for tourists


-Offer a space for PRIVATE LESSONS (language, music, sport, martial arts and school repetitions …)

-Allow the SALE AND RENTAL OF REAL ESTATE in Zakynthos

-Publishing JOB OFFERS

-Selling new or used ELECTRONIC DEVICES

-Selling new or used CARS

-Selling new or used MOTORCYCLES

-Selling new or used BOATS

-Selling used CHILDREN’S GAMES

-Selling ANIMALS


There are also numerous THEMATIC SECTIONS:

-Large section with EVENTS CALENDAR on the island. Not only events for the younger generation in clubs or pubs but also the Panigiria or traditional local festivals for which we have already uploaded many videos that testify the beauty of these meeting opportunities, which we hope will be the soonest possible again. You can also enter your events!

-SECTION WITH ALL THE USEFUL NUMBERS OF THE ISLAND for offer to the tourists a support page that meets all their main needs during their staying. You can suggest new places or categories!

-THEMATIC ROUTES: a page where we propose the most beautiful places to visit based on your interests. We have already identified these sections: The way of love: magical places for lovers; Entertainment for children; Refined palates for tasty dishes; For lovers of ventilated and cool places; For warm sea lovers; For sports lovers; For horse lovers; For Snorkeling lovers; For those with animals; For those who love wellness and holistic treatments – seminars; For Lovers of history and churches. Please help us add more cards!



You can register now here 

The contents must be entered in English and are then automatically translated professionally by our site in all these languages: English, Greek, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese … and more.


Together we can make this site our home in Zakynthos. We repeat that your help is very welcome. We would really like to receive your feedback to make the browsing experience even more personal.

We love ZANTE and its inhabitants with all our hearts!



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