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The most frequent questions of tourists


The most frequent questions of tourists : a quick answer to all your doubts to know the island with all its opportunities

To visit the island, have fun, fall in love and enjoy the best of life in Zakynthos see at Zante Thematics Routes 

It is not recommended to get around by public transport if you do not want to wait hours to cover a few kilometers. Find the answer with all the insights [ here ]

Here is the list of mechanics to fix your car :


Car repairs

Area: 405.6 km²
Maximum length: 40km
Maximum width: 20km
Island group: Ionian Islands
Inhabitants: 38 957 (2001)

Bring lots of T-shirts, tank tops and shorts. Warm clothes really take one or two. The weather is almost always beautiful, the only discordant note is the wind which has increased in recent years

Here’s where to find a dry cleaner 


The average admission price for one person in a club ranges from 15 to 35 euros. The average price for a dinner per person is 25 euros

To see all zante events [ click here ]

The best places to Eat in Zante


The most beautiful shops for shopping is here :

The places with the most nightlife are Laganas and Tsilivi. For families, alikes and alikanas are excellent. If you want to find many Italians then your destination is Keri.

Here are the references for your well-being:


SPA Beauty Salon


Nails Care

Here are the references for shoe-repair:


Here’s where to find a Tailor Shop


The most beautiful and least crowded period is in May and June. However, high season is a good time if you know where to go to avoid crowded places. Also excellent in September and the beginning of October

It is possible to go around the island by boat in just one day. In the car it is difficult to think of being able to do the same. We recommend taking at least 3 days to see the essentials

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