Vitality and Harmony

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August 6 - 07:00 am


August 10 - 02:00 pm

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Sword and Yoga

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Greece, Zakynthos, Vasilikos

Greece, Zakynthos, Vasilikos

VITALITY & HARMONY Retreat Getaway

This retreat offers an opportunity for self-discovery and rejuvenation, welcoming you to embrace the experiences that emerge. The carefully crafted program and activities aim to restore your inner balance and harmony, focusing on aligning your Yin & Yang energies. Over the week, we will delve into various yoga techniques, encompassing pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Experience a comprehensive 7-day yoga retreat designed to nurture your body, breath, and mind. This holistic program supports your health, fitness, and overall well-being by integrating a wide range of physical exercises, breath work, and meditation practices, all set against the serene backdrop of a beachfront natural setting. Enjoy nourishing, energizing meals as part of your journey towards a more balanced and harmonious self.
This retreat is founded on the principle that the key to transforming our lives lies within us, offering the healing we seek. It provides a secure and nurturing environment that fosters a sense of community, encouraging participants to reconnect with themselves, forge new friendships, and rejoice in the act of living. Through slowing down and synchronizing with the natural world’s rhythms, we’ll find alignment with the present moment’s splendour.

It promises a week dedicated to fostering joy, offering moments for reflection, relaxation, and an abundance of self-love.

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