Olympic Torch lighting Retreat (Ancient Olympia & Zakynthos)

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April 14 - 01:00 pm


April 18 - 09:00 am

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Zakynthos Town, Zakynthos

Zakynthos Town, Zakynthos

Olympic Torch lighting Retreat

This retreat is all about this huge worldwide event, the Olympic torch lighting ceremony, that takes place once every four years, and it is a unique experience for each one of us. The retreat takes place on Zakynthos, the famous island right opposite the Ancient Olympia. In the next 5 days, we will enjoy excursions with yoga on the island. We will spend a full day on the 16th of April at Ancient Olympia on the day of the ceremony. This day we will take the ferry to Kyllini port early in the morning, visit Ancient Olympia, participate in the ceremony, see other attractions in this historic area, and get the last ferry back to Zakynthos the same day late at night. The ferry takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the distance from Kyllini port to Ancient Olympia is approximately 1 hour.

“The Olympic Flame Ceremony”
At the Ancient Temple of Hera, up to 30 priestesses, or ‘Caryatids Korres, will perform a series of rituals, calling on the sun god Apollo to ignite the Olympic flame using the rays of the sun and a parabolic mirror.

The basic retreat will take place in Zakynthos. You will stay at the Palatino hotel in Zakynthos town and enjoy daily thematic experiences including Olympic education, yoga, exploring, walking, and visiting various attractions. The retreat will instruct both in English and French, and the arrival dates are quite flexible.

GreekBliss©: A unique retreat serries vacation program that combines the ancient past with the present. Visit archaeological spots around Greece. Connect with the lost knowledge of Greek philosophers and enjoy mystic treatments. Feel the vibes of the spot while exercising. All practices and treatments are the original, as known today.

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