Moving Through – 5-Day Beach Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos, Greece

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June 22 - 07:00 am


June 26 - 02:00 pm

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Greece, Zakynthos, Vasilikos

Greece, Zakynthos, Vasilikos

MOVING THROUGH Healing Retreat Getaway

This healing retreat extends an open invitation for you to dive deep into your inner landscape through the mediums of movement and introspection. This journey beckons you to unearth the vibrant essence stirring within, whether through enduring patterns or sudden epiphanies. Embark on a path of dynamic movement, mindful observation, and profound self-exploration.

Our meticulously crafted yoga sessions are intended to unfurl new perspectives, enhancing your physical and mental agility and flexibility via a rich tapestry of yoga practices, intuitive movement sessions, meditations, constellation work, sound Nidra, methods for releasing stress patterns, voice exercises, water experiences, and more. The supportive group environment fosters a sense of playful creativity, guiding participants toward a state of pure being through experimental activities and collective experiences.
Amidst vigorous activity, there’s ample opportunity for introspection, attunement, and profound relaxation. Embrace laughter, playfulness, exploration, and joy as you immerse yourself in the enchanting ambience of the bay and farm.

“Moving Through” is a sanctuary of heartfelt attentiveness, promoting transparent communication, thoughtful reflection, and the free exchange of ideas. It’s an experience that values both the collective journey and individual paths, inviting you to arrive just as you are. At its core, the retreat champions holistic movement premised on the understanding that imbalance is a precursor to discomfort, through practices like Yin Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Authentic Movement, Breathwork, and more, aimed at restoring your inner harmony and patterns.

This retreat is inclusive of all levels of movement experience, welcoming anyone looking to reconnect with equilibrium, spiritual depth, and their innate creative essence. Step into the wisdom of your body and reawaken to what truly inspires movement within you.

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