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  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Optimal Weekly Salary 405
  • Gender Male
  • Preferred input area BarmanBodyguardCleaningGrape HarvestMassage TherapistPr In NightcloubTemporary WorkWaiterWork in the fields
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About me

Spread the love for Zante

Behind seven Ionian islands
Surrounded by salty sea waters
Covered with winding hilly roads
With almost 300 meters high limestone cliffs Cliffs
Often associated with shipwreck and engagement
And Greeks smiling from ear to ear
An island with wonderful guides rises up
And among them, I found my place as well
I was named Christopher when I was born
I remember the first time I stood by the sea
I felt the wind with iodine on my cheeks
And the glow of the night Zante in the waves I watched
A Verde wine will take a bite out of your palate
And I fell in love with Zante forever
That’s why I swear (Just don’t tell anyone)
I feel more at home here than anywhere else
When I am not sightseeing with you, you will most often meet me
At the bottom of the sea, in fins or yoga mats
Mostly after work, I go swimming or diving
I discover unknown corners of the island and walk along the trails
And when summer ends and you don’t come to Zante anymore
Somewhere on the routes with a backpack you will meet me
I’ve already done a couple of trips
Because I am happiest where the sun is
And we all love traveling and Greece just like you
And I hope that we will meet at Zante this season
Besides, I’m passionate about cooking, everything related to sport, especially swimming

Spread the love for Zante




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