Scientific Consultation to Discover Physical and Psycho-Emotional Health and Find Natural Care with Rofogramma


even at your facility or accommodation in July and August

to find out through a last-generation scientific apparatus your physical and psycho-emotional health level to find the proper natural cure for your problems

Do you want to know your health in a natural way?


After the exam, our operators are at your disposal:
-Aromotherapy for effervescent massage, floral massage and pure precious essential oils
– Integrated plantar reflexology
– Reiki
– Breatwhork practitioner: work on breathing
– Care of the Magneto-Dactila Field
– Ayurvedic crystallotherapy
– Nutritionist

The Device performs a health assessment by gaining information from the left hand wrist, via the biologically active MS 7 definite endpoint. From there, it sends micro pulses and registers body resonances to these signals. Then it compares the data captured with the parameters of models corresponding to healthy people stored in database.
It evaluates and records functional and psycho-emotional status.

• It is FAST and SIMPLE: only one reading point.
Ratings, charts, and statistics allow you to monitor:
– Health risk risk
– Physical energy level
– Stress level

Provides color charts and charts for analysis and comparisons over time. PRINTING VALUES IS DELIVERED.

FOR THE MEDICINE: It allows you to work more closely with your doctor to identify and prevent possible causes of future illness.

FOR THE NATURAL: It allows the naturopath to have reliable data about the health status of the person who comes for a consultation and then advises and directs the person to a proper natural cure that is complementary to the medical one.
With this analysis you can monitor and possibly modify the impact of potentially harmful health habits such as bad nutrition, inappropriate remedies, sports activities, and physical exercises.

Appropriate natural cures
It is an indispensable device for those who love to prevent and, thanks to dynamic health feedback, allows you to establish and maintain the conditions for your physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

We will be able to monitor you before and after each care we have done, having so much more comparable information

The left column indicates the functional state, the right one the state of the energy level.

History of this technology:
This technology has been recognized both in Russia and internationally and is also used for cosmonauts.
The device using this technology is based on studies begun about 80 years ago when German doctor Reinhard Voll demonstrates that acupuncture diagnosis, known and applied in Chinese medicine for nearly two thousand years, can be performed not only with a needle, But also with an electrode. Thus, electro-acupuncture is born, a technique that exploits the power of electricity and energy meridians.
In the early 1970s, scientists from the Soviet Union were trying to develop a diagnostic method for astronauts’ health: to find health problems before their manifestation as symptoms, this was the purpose of this diagnostic.

“Diagnosis” is crucial because it allows you to intervene when the disease is only developing or conditions are developing to cause it to develop. Solving these conditions allows the patient to avoid negative symptoms and long therapy to overcome the disorders. It is much easier to prevent and cure.

“Curing someone when he is already ill is like starting to dig a well just when he starts to get thirsty”
Chinese Proverb

In 1995 Aleksey Ivanovich Kornyukhin, a Russian mathematician and programmer, recognized the great opportunities for electroplating health so renounced his official career and focused on studying and developing these technologies. Thus, this device originates from a device designed exclusively for professional consultants; Specialists from many scientific and medical institutions took part in its development:

Urals State Medical Academy
Psycho-neurological clinic for Sverdlovsk war veterans
Regional Radiation Medicine Center
In 2011, it develops its fourth generation of devices that are no longer only for the use of medical training specialists but is a kind of check-up that can be used by naturopaths, physiotherapists, etc … with simplicity and safety.
The unit will give you information about yours :
– immune system
– Cardiovascular system
– cervical spine,
– dorsal,
– thoracic
– lumbar
– bronchi
– lungs
– liver
– stomach
– colon
– pancreas
– thyroid
– adrenal glands
– kidneys
– adrenaline
– prostate

It analyzes in a few minutes the level of physical and psycho-emotional health and does so easily.
Displays the energy levels of 17 elements that include organs, spine, glands and 3 elements that show how much stress we are suffering from the nervousness that generates fatigue.

This is not a diagnostic tool, but performs a screening test, that is, they have many energy status information that can become chronic or resolved if they remain in the current condition and lifestyle.

We say that a solution can be found with it before the problem arises because it sees the body’s energetic propensity associated with organic dysfunction, but not the disease.

Organically analyzed organs and systems:

-immune system

– Blood and blood vessels
– cervical vertebral column
– thoracic vertebral column
– lumbar vertebral column
-adrenal glands
-urinary tract

In the tables provided, there are two columns for each organ and system: the left column called “Functional State” and the right column called “Energy Resource”.
Functional state. The left column reflects the functionality of the system organs. It shows how an organ is working at the time of measurement and if it has some disturbances.
For example, if the “Lungs” line has a functional value of 5, it means that the lungs have excellent functionality and are therefore able to saturate the blood of oxygen, etc.

If the “Cardiovascular System” line has a value of 3, it means that the function of the heart is depressed and is not working well. If the functionality is low, we should find the reason perhaps by feeding or with the help of a physician associated with a naturopath.

Energy Resource. The right column reflects the energy resource of an organ or system. The energy resource is constantly provided by the food we eat and constantly used to perform the functionality. If the value is low it means that we are not supplying energy to that organ because our diet is wrong (eg sugar lowers the pancreas and takes energy away) or maybe our stress is high (eg consumes energy Of the adrenals)
Or there is a disorder in that area that consumes more energy than the one supplied. Many times, if the energy resource is low for a long time it is advisable to consult a specialist because there may be a chronic disorder.

In the psycho-emotional features section we can see the level of stress, fatigue and emotional tension, and finally the level of nervousness and irritability. They are very important parameters because they condition our lives and can prevent us from being serene.

We summarize:
This device uses microsound electrodes technology and is able to record the body’s response to pulses. Once positioned on the left hand pulse, which is the biologically most active part of the body, the device rapidly acquires information by sending a microsound to the rest of the body, the subsequent recording of the response allows the device to analyze the Data by comparing them with models of values ​​corresponding to the body of a healthy person and outputs a numeric, read-only result

Data can be downloaded and evaluated in the form of color charts and tables, allowing you to control the level of health risk, physical energy level, stress level, lifestyle control and diet.
The results then allow analysis and comparisons over time by keeping under control and possibly modifying certain dietary and / or sports habits that could potentially harm the physical psychic well-being and also avoid the use of inappropriate remedies.
It allows you to work with your doctor or nursing home to identify and prevent any possible future illness.


Attention, it is not a medical device, it can not perform any clinical or diagnostic examinations of any kind. If in doubt, consult your GP beforehand.

Measuring operators

Device used:

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