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To register go to this page

  • 1 Insert your username – it must be without spaces, one word only
  • 2 insert your email
  • 3 write your personal password. better if you use upper and lower case and also add a number. it must be a word without spaces only
  • 4 check this box to confirm that you have read the terms of service
  • 5 check this box to confirm that you are a human and not a robot
  • 6 press the Sign-Up button to confirm

Now you need to check your inbox to confirm the email address you have entered





To add your card you must first log in

  • 1 Enter your username
  • 2 Enter your password
  • 3 Click to the button to login

if the login will be confirmed you can see this image

Now you need to click on “NEW LISTING”


now you have to choose which package to join

1 —> 00) Basic Package – Free for places ( forever ) Select this package only for places that do not offer paid services

2 —> 01) Promotion ( free until the end of 2021 ) No amount will be requested for all ads published before 2021. However, on January 1, 2022, all ads whose sellers do not want to pay the requested fee will be automatically deleted, fee which will be indicated to them and sent by email in December 2021.

After pressing button 1 or 2 this text will appear.. Follow the instructions and click on the link

On the next page you have to click on the green button that says “IN THIS PACKAGE SUBMIT LISTING”

Now you can finally enter the data of your card

After inserting the card, check all the menu items available on the left.

To open the menu :

And this is the menu opened




To edit your card, log in as described above in the previous guide.

the first thing to do is open the menu : click on the three bars at the top as shown in the image


Look at the menu :

  • 1 – dashboard or main panel
  • 2 – listings : your inserted cards ( for editing your listing )
  • 3 – Notifications : the notifications you will receive from users interested in your places or products
  • 4 – Packages : the packages you can join
  • 5 – Become Premium : if you want to get more visibility
  • 6 – Earnings : your earnings on the site – here you can also enter your paypal account to receive money for the sale of your products or services
  • 7 – My profile : all your personal data ( Password, billing details, shipping details … )
  • 8 – Bookmarks and Subscription : Your bookmarks and offer subscriptions – Receive an email when your offer has been outbid
  • 9 – Orders : the orders you receive
  • 10 – Download
  • 11 – Logout to exit from the web site


So to see your listings click on that icon (2)

Now to edit a card just click on the pencil icon under each image. In the image below it is point 2 :

1. To see the card
2. To edit the card
3. To delete the card

approval of the card

At the end of the editing process, remember that you have to wait for our approval to be able to see the published listing.
Pending our approval you can make any changes you want, even several times without problems.


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