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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Italian wellness operators, holistic therapists and naturopaths, reiki masters and aromatherapists. We have a cultural association and a school in Bologna ( Italy ) for the teaching of Naturopathy, a 4 year course.

Since we are very fond of Zakynthos and are many years old that we come here for two months, we would like to be able to work with you and offer our services for your well-being and your clients.

We're already in Zakynthos early in July and we would also be willing to meet us personally to get to know us better. One of us speaks good English and we know a little bit of Greek ... but therapies are done with hands and with your heart ... feeling and working with the energy.

We would like to inform you that we will be available, for you or your customers, during all July and August for these therapies at your location :

- BREATHWORK: work on breathing … the breath power. The first of all the cures because it thoroughly detoxifies the body and releases the mind

- REIKI of our Reiki School: gentle hands healing, relaxing, detoxifying and analgesic

- INTEGRATED PLANTARY REFLEXOLOGY REHABILITATION: a targeted and powerful cure to free the body and treat it where it needs a rebalancing

- ADDOMINAL MASSAGE for EFFLEURAGE for all those abdominal problems that affect your enteric brain, our 2nd brain as now defined by neuroendocrine gastroenterologists, also useful for painful menstruation, prostatitis, and softening of pregnancy. Massage is enhanced by the use of 100 percent pure essential oils from sauvages zones, especially those of Madagascar. The massage for effleurage is particularly pleasant, delicate and relaxing

- TARGETED MASSAGES, with oils mentioned above, with bach flowers too.

- SATURNIA ARGILLA CURATIVE IMPACKS (one of the best in the world) with pure essential oils suitable for every need, both for the beauty of the face and for the health of the whole body. Clay is imported from our aromatherapist.

- A consultation to DISCOVER PHYSICAL AND PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND FIND NATURAL CURE with a rofogram. Thanks to ROFOGRAMMA you will have a scientific assessment to monitor: State of the organs (information on the immune system, cardiovascular, dorsal, lumbar, liver, lungs, stomach, pancreas, kidneys ...), Physical energy level, Stress level, Lifestyle, Diet. You can find more information about this device at the site:

Our aromatherapy may also present you and provide you ALL OUR ESSENTIAL OILS … CREAM, PASTE, ARGILLA, PERFUMES … and more … ALL COMPLETELY BIOLOGICAL AND PERSONALIZED.

If you want, you can read on our site what we do, there is also an automatic translation into Greek and English at the top of the page.

Or phone calls to your cell phone : +39.377.1151946 and +39.333.8423018
We hope to meet us personally. Reply to this message to take an appointment from 2 of july until the end of August.
For the economic compensation we will certainly agree. We ask the right but do not claim too much.

We look forward to you, we would be very pleased. Thank you !
Carmen and Emmanuel
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